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When little ones explore the world around them with unbridled curiosity and boundless energy. It is during these early years that movement and play take center stage, laying the foundation for healthy development and lifelong learning.

At Krista Armstrong Physical Therapy, we believe that movement and play are essential for the physical development of young children, and they serve as the foundation of our pediatric physical therapy methodologies. Combined with skilled, evidence-based therapeutic interventions that facilitate optimal motor movement patterns, we create strong developmental foundation that can overcome musculoskeletal challenges and physical impairments. 

Play is not just a pastime; it is a powerful tool for cognitive growth and brain development in infants, toddlers, and young children. Through play, children learn valuable social and emotional skills that are essential for navigating relationships and understanding emotions. Unstructured play and freedom of movement allow for maximal learning and play a pivotal role in language and communication development.

In the tapestry of early childhood development, freedom of movement and play emerge as vibrant threads that weave together physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Unrestricted movement and optimal motor patterns also support our most vital life functions such as eating, sleeping, breathing, and waste elimination (peeing and pooping). At Krista Armstrong Physical Therapy, we focus on enhancing physical abilities, nurturing creativity and problem-solving to help infants, toddlers and young children overcome developmental challenges, movement restrictions, and physical impairments. We work closely with each individual child in a uniquely tailored treatment plan to improve their motor skills, enhance their overall quality of life, and increase their independence.

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Meet Krista

Our Mission

The first year of your baby’s life is an exciting time of rapid, motor development! Babies are born curious and ready to explore how their bodies interact with their environments- they can't wait to get moving! At Krista Armstrong Physical Therapy, we strongly believe that each infant is unique and develops at their own pace.

As their parent, guardian, or primary caregiver, you are the true expert when it comes to your child, and you know your baby best. Building a strong developmental foundation, truly begins the first day your baby is born and sets the stage for optimal wellness and growth. We are here to support and guide you through this journey when needed.

Pediatric physical therapy plays a vital role in helping children overcome developmental challenges and physical impairments, leading to improved motor skills, enhanced quality of life, and increased independence. 



Doctor of Physical Therapy with a Focus in Pediatrics

Dr. Krista Armstrong, PT, DPT graduated from Ithaca College in 2015 with a post-graduate focus in Pediatrics. She began her career in Monroe County, working in early and preschool intervention with a multitude of families in the Rochester area. Dr. Krista then transitioned to a hospital-based outpatient pediatric clinic, treating a wide variety of diagnoses, from birth to 18 years of age. Now, with the sky as the limit, she had decided to embark on a new journey - opening up a clinic focusing on her passion: infant and toddler development.


Dr. Krista is a life-long learner, always seeking out new opportunities and educational courses. She truly believes it takes a village to raise a child, and prioritizes professional relationships with many different providers across the wellness spectrum. Currently living in Rochester with her husband Zach and their Golden Retriever Boomer, she enjoys spending time outdoors. She enjoys tackling new adventures in her free time, like hiking a mountain in the Adirondacks, spending time on a boat with friends and family, horseback riding, walking a local trail, or simply tossing the frisbee with Boomer.


Dr. Krista's pediatric physical therapy methodology stems from the belief that parents and caregivers should not have to not have to wait to have their concerns validated by a medical provider. They also shouldn't have to wait to see IF their baby or toddler qualifies for early intervention services after waiting months for an evaluation. Having a baby should be a fun and exciting time! She loves celebrating what each individual child can do and will be a resource of support and expertise for the entire family. Dr. Krista believes in praising each major milestone, in addition to each small step in between.

Why Naturopathy

Why Pediatric Physical Therapy?

It can help with


Improving Vital Health Functions

Pediatric physical therapy supports optimal motor patterns necessary for vital, everyday functions such as eating, waste elimination (peeing and bowel movements), sleeping, and playing. 

Empowering Children

Pediatric physical therapy can be transformative. Freedom of movement enables children to participate more actively in social and recreational activities. This improves their motor skills, cognitive abilities, and overall quality of life.

Reducing Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a pressing health concern in recent years, with long-term implications for cardiovascular health and overall well-being. Pediatric physical therapy can play a crucial role in addressing this issue.

Enhancing Cognitive Abilities

Physical therapy interventions not only promote physical development, but also stimulate cognitive abilities in children. Physical activity can enhance memory, attention, and problem-solving skills in children, leading to improved academic performance, increased confidence, and a positive mindset.

Enhancing Motor Development and Function

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on improving motor development and function in children with a wide range of conditions and challenges. Early intervention with physical therapy significantly improves gross motor function in children with developmental issues, leading to better mobility and increased participation in daily activities.


Krista Armstrong Physical Therapy provides services to infants and children up to 5 years old who are experiencing musculoskeletal and movement challenges that impact developmental milestones, and overall health and wellness.

Dr. Armstrong, wishes for all parents, guardians, and caregivers to be confident and educated in their abilities to support the developmental and wellness related needs of their child. When provided with the necessary support and information, caregivers are empowered to be intentional with their decisions regarding their baby’s development.

Through her pediatric physical therapy services, she strives to provide and present the ideal tools and skills to facilitate optimal motor development through purposeful play activities that are seamlessly incorporated into a baby, toddler, or young child’s daily routine.


It's time to Move, Play, and Thrive Together!

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